Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The dreadful four lettered word

All I've wanted out of life was love.

Well. love and happiness. But to me, the two are synonymous; the things I love make me happy.

But since the very beginnings of my love life ( <-sounds funny), I've had trouble. OK, who hasn't rite? Well the thing is that some people really haven't. Or atleast they haven't had trouble finding love. Of course they encountered some troubles along the way but that's life and through it all they still managed to find someone GOOD.

So my million dollar question is why haven't I?? Am I not deserving?

It seems like I come across some potential but just at the wrong times in my life I guess. See, I know what my problem is: I'm the wife. not the girlfriend.

Males want their wife when they're settled with a job and done living the crazy lifestyle filled with girls, girls, girls. They dont want they're wife at age 18, 19, 21, shit sometimes not even 23. They don't want anything too serious at a young age.

They want the girlfriend. The girl they may date for a few months if it's good, who will give them sex quickly and then regularly. Who doesn't probe their mind much, doesn't inquire about their future, and is just the all around good-time girl.

They don't want the one who will make them wait for sex, who want's to actually know them emotionally as opposed to physically. Because see this girl requires too much TIME. Conquering her requires too much energy. Yeah, she's great...you could see her in the future being successful, being a good mom, getting along with your mom and family, loving you...but what guy wants that at 20 years old? VERY FEW if any. So they'd rather use their youth chasing girlfriends and leaving the wives somewhere by the way-side to possibly be useful when they're ready for them.

This works against me because I cant be that girl and I cant be simple.

I'm a a lover.

I can't help it. This doesn't mean that I fall in love with any and every  guy because that s for sure not true..I've only loved 1..maybe 2. It just means that when I love, I love forreal. I love strong.

I love so strong... like seriously I feel like my love is unparalleled by most. I think that at age 17 i coulda been married to the person i loved and loved him and only him forever..completely happy with no regrets. But now... Idk. I feel like i been shitted on by love and hurt to the degree that i don't even know if i know how to happily love without fear anymore. Matter fact, I'm not ready for love.. and i'm glad it has not found me and i have not found it again yet because at this point, it could very well be my demise.

Sometimes I just ask why. Why me. Why couldn't i just find the one who i could trust completely and give all of my love to without fear of him using it against me..

I mean damn. Im starting to hate the damn word... love... ughhh i almost shudder at the sound of it now.

Yet, all I've ever wanted out of life was love..

and happiness... but perhaps the two can't be synonymous anymore. I guess i need to find a way to ultimately be happy with however life turns out..even if that means without love.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I feel like I never write about anything that is "happy" per se. Well this is kinda true. I tend not to write about the good things because I feel like if I speak of them or mention them outside of my head..I'll jinx it. But you know what? I'm going to change that. In my head, out of my head, it probably doesn't matter because what will happen will happen.

So :)

Right now I don't really have anything thats just euphoric to share so hmm....maybe I should hold off on actually writing my good news post, and for now just say that rest assured that good things are coming!

Sometimes in life we focus on he bad, because it's just so easy. But we have to remember the good...the good is what keeps us going and wanting to see each new day. The good is what makes life worth living!

So I'm reminding myself to smile, smile smile! Because sometimes, nothing at all but just the fact that you are indeed living is GOOD enough :)

Things I Haven't Learned

"I want you" doesn't mean "I like you"; "I like you" doesn't mean "I'll love you"; And "I love you" doesn't seem to mean all that much anymore.

These are things I've learned.

I've also learned that I live for love..
I've learned that I like to be in the company of those I like
I've learned that I can catch feelings quickly..
I've learned that when it comes to relationships I can be insecure due to fear of rejection (although i don't                 know why I'd be rejected..)
I've learned that I feel slighted easily by those I care for
I've learned that when I can't feel love..like just in a moment, Im the saddest I can be
I've learned that i feel a need to be perfect..and I NEVER will be..and it kills me..

Seems like I've learned a lot? But most of it amounts to nothing. "Knowledge without application is useless". See, I know these things, but I don't know...well haven't sufficiently tried to find out how to change the things that need to be changed.

So in the I really haven't learned much.

Okay. So I know what I want you doesn't mean, but what does it mean?  I know I like you may not turn into I love you, but what will i do if it doesn't ? But even if it did, I still don't know what I love you means...at least not coming from others..

Basically, when it comes to love...I haven't learned ANYTHING. Whoever the first person was to say "love is blind" is a genius because it truly is. But it's not just love..."like" is blind too. Sometimes we overlook those red flags because we just want sooo badly to like that person who is (other than that crucial flaw) seemingly perfect! They always seem so perfect in the beginning...smh.

But anywho, that person is me. I can sit and tell u all day what a girl should and shouldn't accept from a guy, what she should and should't do, when she's being dumb, what she needs to do..etc.

But the problem is that I AM that girl, and when it comes to myself....I'm just as dumb as a doorknob 90% of the time.

So. They say the first step to finding a solution is admitting that you have a problem. Well, here. I've admitted it. I know nothing and am stuck trying to comprehend all of the things I haven't learned...

Problem stated. Now I just wait to find the solution..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Can't Be Your "Superman".

As much as I hate to say it... as bad as it sounds... as insensitive as it may seem... I've just come to terms with the fact that I can't be your superhero. I can't save you from the evils of your life and the immense hurt in your recent past..because I am hurting myself. I need healing myself. I need to be "saved" myself. And what you ask of me...I don't know how to give.

People say that in platonic as well as romantic relationships, one is supposed to be there for the other. For this reason I had trouble accepting that I couldn't help you. But the reality is that I'm broken as well. And, no. Two broken people do not come together to make a whole. I look at like being complimentary, not supplementary. Even in my hurt state I indeed could be there...but some problems are too big for me to handle.

I feel that certain pain we must deal with ourselves. Some things other people really can't truly help us with. I could try to comfort and console, but I just can't make it go away.

So I have to say this.

I mean no slight to your struggle or feelings of pain, but you must now put away your "bat signal". Don't call on me to come to your rescue right now...because I will show up willing to do all I can...but I would appear before you as a mere mortal. Just a few elements short of superhuman, and perfectly imperfect. It's true. I'm not superman, I can't rescue you...but perhaps we can both be what we need to ourselves and save ourselves...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just A Thought..

I am in one of my moods.

I really didn't want to have a post like this already, but I'm feeling it and I need to release it so...yeah. I have a question: have you ever felt alone? No, not alone like you are in the room by yourself, or alone like your housemate (sibling, parents, roommate, whoever) left out for a minute and left you momentarily by your lonesome...I mean ALONE. 

ALONE meaning someone didn't leave you, they just were never there. ALONE like, there isn't a soul in the world who truly gets you. ALONE in the sense that there is just this void within you that you can not seem to permanently fill. This is what I mean by alone. 

Sometimes...I feel this way. People tell me I'm different. Well this is true. Matter of fact I think I am so different that there is nobody out there who can relate to me an my life, thoughts, and feelings. I mean, I have my family and friends all of whom i love dearly, but a lot of times it seems as if I'm on a one man island.    

But it's not just alone like I feel un-relatable...It's also like I'm starting to wonder if there is anyone out there for me... lol really I know I'm young and I have years to think about that and I shouldn't worry and blah blah blah...but thus far it's just not looking promising. But I try to keep in my mind that I can count how many boyfriends I've had in my whole life using less than all of my fingers on one hand ...so maybe there's a whole sea of fish undiscovered...

Hmm....welp. I don't know. Yes it's true I haven't been in a lot of relationships..but the ones I was in were longterm (I'm talkin like at least a year)...plus I've talked to various guys. And point blank period, I'm scared. But that is a topic for another post entirely..

So basically..

In my life I feel like I'm often misunderstood. This in many cases is partly my fault because I almost refuse to be any type of transparent...but nonetheless, misunderstood. This makes for a lonely existence.

But then again, I could be exaggerating. Perhaps I am not as lonely as I currently describe. Or maybe, I am not alone in this feeling...this may be "normal". This is probably just what I said above, just a mood...it too will pass. Well if that's to be true, I can go to sleep with the lingering optimism that I always ultimately cling so comfortably to....I mean, do I have any other choice?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just To See.

Ok. So this first post is just to become acclimated to this blogging thing. So be forewarned that i probably will do everything you can do in a blog post just to see how it works. I more than likely will delete this after a day or two any way...so basically I am writing this for myself. What ever. So here goes.

Hello :)

I'm Meri.

I'm from the lovely Nation's Capitol, Washington, D.C. I'm not going to sit here and tell u all my bizz because there are stalkers out there :/ so I'll have to think about something else to talk about. How about a few of my pet peeves...Yes? Good!

  • I HATE to hear people chew...like really, It makes me cringe...or want to snatch the food out of their hands.
  • I do not like repeating myself. I mean, how many times do I really need to say the SAME thing? open your ears, shut your mouth, and listen attentively. 
  • I don't like watching overweight people eat. I knowww I feel so evil for stating it outside of my head, but it's how I feel! lol I mean i just don't like to see them stuffing their face...it just  looks Uber-fat. 
Well I can't think of any more pet peeves at the moment. And I feel like a total ass for the ones I wrote above. But hey, this is my space. If I can't express myself in myspace where can I?

Sooo... what's next? Hmm well, how about some hobbies.

           The Things I Love To Do

  1. I Loovveee to eat! (ironic because of my pet peeve above, yea i know). Eating is my favorite pastime. I just love food and trying different types and tastes of food. i always do my happy dance when I eat :) lol
  2. I love to play my Cello. I've named it "Marie Antoinette" (oh yeah. disclaimer: I name almost all of my possessions. Well at least the significant ones...) Playing my Cello is so therapeutic and I love classical music. 
  3. I love to cook. Although I don't find the time or resources to do it often, I truly enjoy it. 
  4. I love to dance! I really take joy in dancing...I just don't like for people to watch me dance. lol i don't know, it comes from childhood shyness I guess..
  5. I love learning. Not just academically, but in every aspect of life. I am a very curious person so I love to investigate things and find stuff out...It just makes for a more knowledgeable individual..and who wouldn't want to be knowledgeable..?
  6. Lastly, I will say that I love, Love. I just do. I love to be in love (on a good day), and I love the feeling of love, both received and given. Love is what keeps me going everyday. Without it...well I don't even want to imagine.
Well I'm sort of tired of writing. I didn't use every feature, but I get the gist of it lol. So this is a little ice breaker...just a glimpse of me. I'll be back soon...